Québec fortified city: geological and historical heritage – FT05

Leaders: Sébastien Castonguay (Geological Survey of Canada) and Parks Canada guide
Main contact: sebastien.castonguay@canada.ca
Description: This fieldtrip is a walk in old Québec City that provides an overview of the historical and geological heritage of the Québec City region. Insides Québec City’s wall, the military presence echoes a past punctuated by the beat of war drums, and the various building stones testify for a diverse bedrock geology. Québec City, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the only city in North America to have retained the major parts of its defence system. This picturesque setting with its splendid views serves as the backdrop for an introduction to the region’s billion-year-old geological evolution and rich history…
Dates: August 19th, 2017 (1 day)
Starting Point: Québec City
* Participants must travel to Québec City before August 19th
Ending Point: Québec City
Duration: 1 day
Participants: 20 participants
 Cost: $25.00
* Includes lunch and field trip guidebook.