Stratigraphic and metallogenic context of the Sokoman Iron Formation in the Labrador Trough near Schefferville, Québec-Labrador, Canada – FT07 – CANCELLED

Leaders: James Conliffe (Geological Survey of Newfoundland and Labrador), Carl Bilodeau (Ministère de l’énergie et des ressources du Québec), Alex Howe (Consultant)
Main Contact: JamesConliffe@gov.nl.ca
Description: This fieldtrip provides unique opportunity to visit the Paleoproterozoic Sokoman Formation, host to world-class iron ore deposits, including massive (>5 Gt) taconite deposits and numerous smaller high-grade sedimentary hosted iron ore deposits (site of active mining intermittently since 1954). The fieldtrip would be based in the Schefferville area, and would focus on studies of the regional and stratigraphic setting of the Sokoman Iron Formation, sedimentology and formation of Lake-Superior type banded iron formations and genesis of high-grade (> 55% Fe) iron ore deposits. Participants would be taken on a number of tours highlighting the various features of the iron formation as well as the underlying and overlying stratigraphy, and visits to high-grade iron-ore deposits of presumed supergene and hypogene origin. This would be complimented by drill core observations and mine visits (dependant on company activity and permission).
Dates: August 24th to August 28th, 2017
Starting Point: Québec City, Québec, Canada
* Morning departure to Schefferville from Québec City on August 24th.
Ending Point: Québec City, Québec, Canada
* Mid afternoon arrival in Québec City on August 28th.
Participants: 13 participants
Cost: $ 3900.00 CAD
* Includes air transportation from Québec to Schefferville (round trip), ground transportation for the entire field trip, accommodation, all meals, and field trip guidebook.
Tentative Itinerary

Day Topic/Site Visited
August 24 Travel from Québec City to Schefferville. Overview and regional geology of the Labrador Trough.
August 25 Sokoman Iron Formation and Stratigraphy of Kaniapiskau Supergroup
August 26 High Grade Iron Ore deposits
August 27 Sokoman Iron Formation (surface exposures and drill cores examination
August 28 Travel back from Schefferville to Québec City.
 * Participants must provide proof of insurance coverage valid in Canada prior to participation in the field trip.
** All participants must sign a liability waiver form that will be provided by SGA prior to participation in the field trip