Norton Antivirus Review

Norton AntiVirus 2020 is a really impressive security solution that delivers a full variety of robust features and a fresh approach to online security. Norton Antivirus 2020 protects your PC from viruses, spyware, bots, worms and other malicious software with no delay occurred, or in their way. Rare for quicker scans, identifies the processor technology and targets only those documents in danger. Protection against vulnerabilities to prevent threats, vulnerabilities to exploit from the PC. Quick updates occurring every 5-15 minutes, and assessed in real time and online to ensure constant protection with security to the moment against the latest threats.

Norton AntiVirus 2020 has an fantastic job of balancing system tools, simplicity and security (most significant ). The amount of security is unmatched, and new features continue to set the standard for anti virus software. Norton was able to use their power in their favor and supply a excellent anti-virus software using a UI dimensions (whether you are a security expert or you simply need software that does the hard work for you.)

The good: Norton AntiVirus 2020 steps lightly on the CPU, while at the exact same time increasing in recent decades, a detection system based on the standing of a brand new behavioral detection.

The bad: leaving Despite dramatic improvements in performance over the previous two decades, remains Norton no marks on the CPU, and the new results show the efficacy, if it remains one of the top five in the discovery of malware nonetheless does not have the maximum detection rate.


Norton Antivirus is still an exceptional security solution for end users. We feel that Norton in the right direction by using data from the user community to examine threats. We enjoyed the proactive approach to security applications, minimal effect on performance and user friendly interface. We recommend Norton Anti Virus 2020 for consumers that an effective security solution, but very affordable.