Geology, Geodynamics and Metallogeny of the Rhyacian (2.35 – 2.05 Ga) – S01

Marc Bardoux (Barrick Gold Corporation)
Richard Ernst (Carleton University)
James Sears (University of Montana)
The Rhyacian (2300-2050Ma) is a unique geological and metalliferous era. Following a first “Snowball” effect, the terrestrial atmosphere and hydrosphere were oxidizing (erosion and oxidation of sulphides) while fragments of the earlier supercontinent Kenorland converged and a rich biosphere developed on continental margins. The longest LIP cycle (7 stages) started forming on the periphery of Superia and Baltica cratons while gigantic clastic sedimentary sequences were filling basins on the margins of other Archean cratons. At the end of this era, very large gold systems (West Africa, Guyanas) formed in the sedimentary basins by tectonic inversions while intracontinental, short-lived plume activity created the Bushveld complex (LIPs) and exceptional volumes of Ni-Cu-PGE mineralization. After a big freeze on surface, planet Earth was lithospherically very dynamic in the Rhyacian. We invite innovative papers that will address: 1) milestones of the geological history and geodynamics of the Rhyacian, as well as 2) papers that will specifically address its Au and Ni-Cu-PGE endowment in the perspective of its geological history on a global scale.

Keynote speakers include:
Dr. Ashley Gumsley (Lund University – Early Paleoproterozoic glacial period)
Types of presentation: Talks (up to 16) and Posters
Sponsor: soquem