Ore forming magmatic-hydrothermal processes along active margins – S02

David R. Cooke (University of Tasmania – CODES)
Thomas Bissig (University of British Columbia – MDRU))
Porphyry and associated epithermal deposits form by magmatic-hydrothermal processes and are normally emplaced near active plate margins.  The latter include a variety of settings including accretionary orogens, island and continental arcs, each with its own combination of magmatic-hydrothermal deposit types. Back-arc or post-orogenic extensional settings may also host porphyry or epithermal deposits, many of which have a distinct alkalic flavour. In this symposium we seek contributions that describe porphyry and related deposits from a variety of tectonic settings and discuss ore forming processes, from the generation of fertile magmas through to emplacement of Cu (-Au, Mo, Ag) mineralization in the shallow crust. We also invite contributions on how the evolution of the tectonic setting after mineralisation led to preservation of ancient deposits. We particularly welcome papers that put the various porphyry deposit types into their tectonic context.

Keynote speakers include :
Dr. Eduardo Zappettini (Servicio Geologico Minero Argentino – Metallogenic potential of Argentina), IAGOD keynote speaker
Types of presentation: Talks (up to 16) and Posters
Sponsor: Boliden_CMYK