Uranium deposits: from source to ore – S04

Eric Potter (Natural Resources Canada – Geological Survey of Canada)
Julien Mercadier (Centre national de Recherche scientifique, Laboratoire GeoRessources)
As exploration shifts to greater depths and geological environments hosting economic uranium deposits evolve, new knowledge and tools are required to recognize the distal expressions of these systems and vector to ore. At the deposit scale, several key factors remain contentious and new research directions and ideas are needed to properly tackle these questions. Addressing these issues, this session is dedicated to uranium ore deposits research, from the recognition of fertile geological terranes and fluid pathways to ore genesis and preservation. Consequently, this session aims to cover a large variety of techniques, methods, models and concepts that will allow better targeting and understanding of uranium deposits. All contributions and topics are welcome, from km-scale geophysical or geochemical data to µm-scale in situ isotopic measurements.

Keynote speakers include :
Dr. Guoxiang Chi (University of Regina – Genesis of unconformity-related U in Athabasca Basin)
Types of presentation: Talks (up to 16) and Posters
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