From fertility to footprints : New vectoring tools for mineral exploration – S08

Alan Galley (Consultant)
Jamie Wilkinson (Natural History Museum and Imperial College)
Alan King (Consultant)
More effective mineral exploration in deep, remote and/or surficial covered environments requires a scalable approach that can recognize prospective terranes and belts, and the extended footprint of various types of ore systems in both bedrock and covered areas. Once these have been identified, the ability to better target the mineralized core to these systems must be developed. This requires a much more integrated roadmap in the use of both conventional and unconventional exploration tools. This session will endeavour to present international examples focused on achieving these objective

Keynote speakers include :
Mr. Gervais Perron (Mira Geosciences)
Types of presentation: Talks (up to 8) and Posters
Sponsor: MiraGeoscience