Geometallurgy : risk reduction through communication, optimization and innovation – S09

Sylvie Lévesque (COREM)
Jean-François Wilhelmy (COREM)
Éric Pirard (Université de Liège)
Julie Ann Hunt (Université de Liège)
Anticipating and managing inherent ore variability in mining operations and processing plants constitutes a challenge that requires the participation of all disciplines involved in the mining value chain. The level of communication between members of this chain is increasing and is leading to the development of new tools and methodologies that improve the level of ore characterisation and understanding of orebodies subtleties, particularly with respect to geometallurgical and processing domains. This session aims at providing the opportunity for all of those involved in the mining value chain (e.i. geologists, metallurgists, mining engineers, environmental engineers, analysts, etc.) to learn about advances and best practices in geometallurgy. Papers dealing with the geometallurgical characterization of ore deposits are welcomed, particularly those that present case studies and geometallurgical applications of new tools, techniques and technologies.

Keynote speakers include :
Dr. Karin Olson Hoal (Consultant – The value of full project integration)
Prof. Éric Pirard (Université de Liège – Towards a more automated mineralogy)
Types of presentation: Talks (up to 16) and Posters