Gold through time and space – SY01

Benoît Dubé (Natural Resources Canada – Geological Survey of Canada)
Richard Goldfarb (Colorado School of Mines)
Robert Moritz (University of Geneva)
Patrick Mercier-Langevin (Natural Resources Canada – Geological Survey of Canada)
Throughout Earth’s history, major gold-forming events were highly episodic in response to evolving tectonic settings and metallogenic processes, resulting in an uneven endowment in both time and space. This symposium welcomes innovative contributions related to the distribution and formation of gold deposits irrelevant to types, settings, crustal levels, ages and genetic models. Considered presentations may include case studies, broader thematic and conceptual overviews as well as geological and exploration models. The spectrum of deposit types and settings covered through this symposium should provide the audience with an overview of the current understanding and future directions in research and exploration for gold deposits, including ideas on how to better target more prospective/better endowed areas. The symposium will feature a mixture of oral and poster presentations and include a number of keynote presentations.

Keynote speakers include:
Dr. Hartwig E. Frimmel (University of Wuertzburg – Gold in space and time) – Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits keynote speaker
Dr. Richard Goldfarb (Colorado School of Mines – Orogenic gold) – Society of Economic Geologists keynote speaker
Dr. Richard Sillitoe (Consultant – Gold-rich porphyry deposits)

Types of presentation: Talks (up to 24) and Posters
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