Magmatic sulfide and oxide ore deposits in mafic and ultramafic rocks – a symposium in memoriam of the work and life of Prof. Hazel Prichard – SY02

Sarah-Jane Barnes (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi)
Michel Houlé (Natural Resources Canada – Geological Survey of Canada)
Michael Lesher (Laurentian University)
James Mungall (University of Toronto)
Mafic and ultramafic rocks contain much of the World’s nickel, platinum-group elements, chrome, vanadium, titanium and phosphorus in the form of layers, pipes or lenses enriched in sulfides, chromite or Fe-oxides hosted by mafic and ultramafic rocks. This symposium welcome submissions: on all aspects of how these deposits form; on whether there is evolution with of the types of deposits with geological setting or time; on new exploration methods for these types of deposits and on how these deposits can be exploited.

Keynote speakers include:
Dr. Danie Grobler (Invaplats – PGE in the Flatreef, Bushveld)
Dr. Stephen Barnes (CSIRO – Physical processes in Ni deposits)
Dr. Bernard Charlier (Université de Liège – Anorthosite Fe-Ti deposits)
Types of presentation: Talks (up to 24) and Posters