Critical and precious metal deposits: theory, experiment and nature – a symposium to recognize the work of A.E. Williams-Jones – SY04

Iain Samson (University of Windsor)
Robert Linnen (University of Western Ontario)
Stefano Salvi (University of Toulouse)
This symposium is being convened to recognize and celebrate the contributions of Dr. A.E. (Willy) Williams-Jones to economic geology and geochemistry. Willy’s research has had a significant impact on our understanding of a wide range of mineralizing processes and mineral deposit types. His contributions have been diverse, ranging from experimental, through theoretical, to field-based studies. We therefore invite presentations on the geochemistry of mineralizing processes, particularly those that integrate field, experimental or theoretical approaches to develop mineral deposit models.

Keynote speakers include:
Prof. Daniel Kontak (Laurentian University – Coupled hydrothermal dissolution-precipitation processes)
Dr. Olga Vasyukova (McGill University – The role of magmas at Strange Lake)
Dr. John Walshe (CSIRO – Late Archean Earth degassing processes)
Types of presentation: Talks (up to 16) and Posters
Sponsor: quebecmines